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Better With Friends

Earn a month of membership each time one of your friends joins the Y as a new member (or returns to the Y after more than a year away) - there is no limit! You’re not the only one who will save. Your friends will also receive a free month membership once they join!
It’s just one way we’re able to say thank you for making the Y such a great place for family and friends to come together to live healthy.
Here is everything you need to know about our referral program!
Q: Who can refer a new member to the referral program?
A: Any active Y member
Q: How can I refer someone?
A: You can refer a friend by filling out a referral form at the Welcome Desk at registration.
Q: Can I refer more than one friend?
A: Yes! In fact, we encourage members to refer multiple friends to the Y!
Q: Can I refer a member to a branch other than my own?
A: You can refer a member to any branch within the YMCA of Southeastern NC association.
Q: How does my friend sign up?
A: Pay the one time Joining fee and any pro-rate fees based on their join date.
Q: When will I receive my free month?
A: Both the newly referred and existing members will receive their free month on the next draft payment date. If  a new member joins after the 20th the free draft will occur the following month. If the new members wish to begin using the Y before their draft date, they will need to pay the prorated amount to cover the time until the draft.
Q: I have a friend and we both want to join the Y at the same time. Can we sign up using the referral program to each receive a free month?
A: No. The referral discount only applies if one member is currently an active Y member.
Q: As a new Member, if the Y is having Joining fee specials, which discount will I receive the free month or the no Joining fee.
A: You are entitled to receive the best Discount and can be discussed while joining, but cannot apply both discounts.
Q: Before this program started, I referred multiple families to join the Y. Can I receive a reduced rate for their memberships?
A: No. The referral rate reduction is only available to current members who refer a new member to the Y once this promotion started. Forms must be filled out at time of membership activation.
Q: What membership types qualify for a Referral program?
A: This referral program with the reduced membership rate can only be applied to any traditional YMCA facility membership type that pays the YMCA directly through an automatic bank draft. The discount is not available for corporate memberships subsidized by employers or paid for via payroll deduction, insurance-based memberships (such as Silver Fit) or another third party that pays your Y membership dues on your behalf.




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