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Lifelong Motion

Date: April 9, 2019
Time: 7:00 pm - 8:00 pm
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Nir Family YMCA
2710 Market Street
Wilmington, NC 28403
United States

Contact: Aileen Sutton
Phone: 9102519622
Email: aileen.sutton@ymcasenc.org

LIFELONG MOTION: A community-based educational program for Wilmington-area Seniors. This program is open to all in the community, not just YMCA members! 


April Series: "Myth Busting" with Dr. Jeremy Snodgrass, DPT. This physical therapy information session will include topics such as the aging process of the body and the importance of staying in motion as we age.


The aging process creates many obstacles for Seniors. Lifelong Motion focuses on ways to keep mature individuals active and healthy, a vital key to mobility and life quality. We strive to be an uplifting educational program for active Seniors as well as a means to encourage non-active Seniors to get into motion. There are no fees or dues to be a part of this program.


Our Goal:

To provide a platform to support healthy lifestyles for Maturing Adults Ages 55+ through education, communication and community involvement.


How we can accomplish our goals:
I.  Education- Inviting experts in the field to make presentations.

  1. Cardiologists (Heart Healthy)
  2. Physical Therapists (Treatment and Injury Prevention)
  3. Exercise Specialists (Flexibility and Mobility)
  4. Nutritionists (Better Eating Habits)
  5. Certified Coaches (Training and Discipline)

II. Exchanging Ideas and Supporting each other.

III. Encouraging non-participating Seniors to become active and live healthier lifestyles.              

IV. Becoming a voice for Senior Athletes in the Community.




Please contact Eddie with any questions. 


Eddie Buchanan




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