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Tai Chi/Qi Gong Class

Date: June 7, 2019
Time: 12:00 pm - 12:55 pm


TAI CHI/QIGONG Rotating Class


Studio A
1st & 3rd Fridays TAI CHI
2nd & 4th Fridays QIGONG

FREE to YMCA Members
$10 Non-Members (Includes full facility use)

Begins April 12th with QIGONG

Tai Chi is an ancient tradition of exercise with meaning and depth beyond what can be seen at first glance. On this surface it is a low impact exercise system using slow, deliberate movements from the martial arts system that can be practiced anywhere at any time. It has been proven to improve circulation, combat arthritis and promote brain health. .

Your Instructor: Oliver Dante will be teaching Tai Chi.  He is a 20th Generation Plum-Blossom First, a 6th Generation Zen Gate, and first apprentice of Zhang ZhiYong. Trained all over China in various arts, Oliver has earned the titles of warrior and monk. Well versed in both eastern and western philosophies, he specializes in human development and has helped people from 3 months old to 80 years old find the best parts of themselves through personal exploration.


Quigong  for Vitality and Stillness is an ancient art and science that will build your Qi (life force) Energy using breath work and simple, slow and steady movements to heal the physical and mental body.  Qigong translates as cultivating Universal Life Force Energy and is the foundation of Traditional Chinese Medicine dating back 5000 years.  You will learn how to reduce stress, increase vitality, strengthen muscles and improve balance. Qigong is both a moving and stillness practice of meditation.  All levels  are welcome and can be practiced in a chair, if needed.

Your Instructor: Tricia Miller is a Licensed Acupuncturist since 1987 and yoga instructor since 1982. She first studied Qigong as part of her training in Traditional Chinese Medicine at        California Acupuncture College and Taoist Center in San Diego1982-1986.  Tricia brings a vast knowledge of the physical body from many perspectives.  Tricia’s understanding of Traditional Chinese Medicine adds great ability to explain why and how of certain Qigong exercises will    affect different organs systems. After many years qigong has become personal practice for Tricia as well as part of her profession. She brings great energy and optimism to her classes.


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