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Kung Fu Exploration Series

Date: June 16, 2019
Time: 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm
Location: Show map
Nir Family YMCA
2710 Market Street
Wilmington, NC 28403

Contact: Aileen Sutton
Phone: 910-251-9622 x246
Email: aileen.sutton@ymcasenc.org

Special Kung Fu Exploration Series! Each Sunday in this series will explore a different type of Kung Fu. All are welcome to learn and grow together, however, the movements taught for all weeks except for Tai Chi are for the intermediate+ fitness level. Reservation NOT required, but helpful. No fee for YMCA members. $10 for community participants. 

June 9th - Shaolin Kungfu 

June 16th - WuDang Kungfu  

June 23rd - Tai Chi

June 30th - BaGua Zheng


Shaolin Kungfu



Originating around 527 CE. Derived from zen Buddhism, Shaolin Kung Fu varies between earth and fire styles. Prioritizing flexibility and hard body conditioning, it is an aggressive art often attacking and defending simultaneously.



WuDang Kungfu



Originating around 1368 in the WuDang mountains. Based on Taoist principles, Wudang Kungfu balances between Fire and Air styles. Using very quick light movements and grabs, this style often seeks to outmaneuver opponents.


Tai Chi



Reports on the origin of Tai Chi vary wildly from 750 year ago to 1500 years ago. A pure water discipline, it prioritizes malleability and grounding to the earth. Employing many throws and biomechanical locks, it is difficult to employ unless attacked first.


BaGua Zheng



Another martial art derived from Taoist principles in the 19th century. An air style that is also not particularly aggressive, it uses rounded steps and movement to defend aggression by simply not being there when the attack arrives.

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