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Achieve your Goals with the YMCA
Published: 01.22.18 - Happy January! New Year’s Day is behind us and we have a whole year ahead of us; so, why do you think I said, “Happy January!” instead of “Happy New Year?” Basically, because I think a year can seem long and daunting when it comes to your resolutions and without a realistic plan, your goals may not be attainable. Here at the
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Renovation Update
Published: 01.15.18 - Over the past weeks our construction crew made a lot of progress on site as they prepare to build the new main entrance and pool for the Nir Family YMCA! Completed Work: 4-Lane Pool Deck Demolition Interior Demolition 1st Floor Slab in Locker Rooms Final Grading for New Main Entrance Work in Progress: Plumbing Wall for Locker Rooms 1st Floor Masonry
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A New Year For The Entire Family!
Published: 01.11.18 - It's that time again: A new year with new heath goals? New Year's resolutions can be a healthy process, but they may not include an action plan. Instead of making a resolution by yourself, make it a family effort! Get together and discuss a positive health behavior each person will work towards this year, or choose a family behavior. Think of the goal
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Where in the Y?
Published: 12.05.17 - Demolition is well underway at the Wilmington Family YMCA, most of the building is hardly recognizable at this point! Below are a few photos of the progress our construction team has made... see if you can recognize the spaces below Answers are listed at the bottom of the page! WHERE IN THE Y: ROOM #1 WHERE IN THE Y: ROOM #2 WHERE IN THE Y: ROOM #3
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YMCA Shares Plans for Renovated Pool
Published: 11.24.17 - We are excited to share with members the official plans for our newly renovated pool. While it is hard to temporarily close our 4-Lane Pool, the renovation will bring several new features to our pool. Plans show a zero-entry swimming pool with splash features, a basketball goal and volleyball net for children and families to enjoy. The pool will also
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Giving Makes Living More Worthwhile
Published: 11.04.17 - Living is something we all take for granted but giving is something we actually have to engage in. Does that mean more work is involved? Perhaps, but not necessarily so. Life is a gift our parents gave us and as we grow, we learn by taking advice, instruction, food, shelter, warmth, and rest from them. We are probably oblivious to the less obvious
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4-Lane Pool Closed for Renovations
Published: 11.04.17 -

The 4-Lane Pool will be closed for renovations beginning Saturday, November 4th. 

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Demolition Continues
Published: 10.30.17 -

Demolition is well underway at 2710 Market Street.


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