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Rally. Ride. Raise!
Published: 02.03.17 - If you’re one of those people who runs for the hills at the mention of the word, “fundraiser,” hang on just a few minutes more to hear me out. You can help the Wilmington Family YMCA raise funds without doing anything more than regular exercise. “Where’s the catch?” I hear you say. Well, there isn’t one. Rally,
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New Name, Same Great Y
Published: 01.23.17 - This New Year brings a new Y! 2017 will bring many exciting changes for the Y as we continue to expand our programs and services throughout the area. Just three months ago we announced our newest partnership with Temple Baptist Church in which the Y will manage and operate the Temple Baptist Activity Center at 709 George Anderson Drive. Since then, we have
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Drop The Pounds For Good
Published: 01.19.17 - If you’re trying to lose weight and improve your eating habits and you’re struggling to keep up the momentum, the YMCA has the perfect program for you: Drop the Pounds. Even if you started strong in the New Year, your good intentions may have started to falter. But all is not lost; you can still succeed with a little help! Stop by the Express Y
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5 Easy Ways to Stick to Your Resolutions
Published: 01.11.17 - Eat less, exercise more; how many times have you heard that before? We’re all familiar with the drill when it comes to New Year’s resolutions: it’s as easy as pie to make them; the hardest part is sticking to them. I’m one of those people who starts out with good intentions and slowly but surely, my good intentions fade and I have
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Exploring the Latest Addition to our YMCA
Published: 01.04.17 - Apart from the “Pop, pop, pop” sounds of balls and occasional cheers coming from the gym where Pickleball was being played, the first thing I noticed about the new Midtown YMCA at Temple Baptist Activity Center was how peaceful it is. But, not for much longer; in the coming weeks the activity center will be transformed into a new YMCA branch,
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Aqua Zumba: A Great Way To Enjoy The Pool
Published: 12.30.16 - You can’t beat the YMCA for the range of exercise classes available and I’ve tried all kinds of fitness classes over the years. I love to be in the water and I love to dance, so what better way to combine two of my favorite ways to exercise than to try Aqua Zumba? I’ve taken many Zumba classes over the years since the craze began, but
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YMCA Receives $2 Million Gift for Renovation
Published: 12.02.16 - Every Thanksgiving provides an opportunity to show thanks for what we have in our lives and our community. This year, the Wilmington Family YMCA's Capital Campaign chairman, Cecil Worsley, is especially grateful. Worsley and YMCA CEO Dick Jones are pleased to announce that Dr. Oaz Nir, son of long time YMCA Healthy Living Director Dalia Nir, has pledged a
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YMCA Partners to Operate Temple Baptist Church's Activity Center
Published: 11.29.16 - The Wilmington Family YMCA and Temple Baptist Church are pleased to announce a new partnership whereby the Y will manage and operate Temple Baptist Activity Center at 709 George Anderson Drive. In the coming weeks the Activity Center will be transformed into a Y branch, where members and participants will be able to choose from a variety of workout and
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