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Coming Soon- New Family Pool

Our new Family Pool will will be our primary space for family swim, swim lessons, warm water aerobics and summer camp swim

Published 06.08.18


We are getting closer to opening our new state-of-the-art Family Pool at the future home of the Nir Family YMCA. This new pool will will be our primary space for family swim, swim lessons, warm water aerobics and summer camp swim. Features will include:

  • New aquatic play area
  • Splash features: rain castle, deck cascades and rain buckets
  • Zero-degree entry
  • Water volleyball net
  • Water basketball hoop
  • Underwater bench for swim lessons

To get an idea on what our new pool schedules will look like, we have developed the following sample schedules:

Family Pool Schedule

6-Lane Pool Schedule

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the schedule for the Family Pool renovation?
  • The 4 lane pool is being reconfigured into a Family Focused Pool.
  • This pool is scheduled to reopen in summer 2018.
  • This new pool will be our primary space for Family Swim, Swim Instruction, Warm Water Aerobics and Camp Swim.
  • Other Programs using this new pool will include preschool and afterschool programs, community events, Birthday Parties, and Swim 4 Life
  • The splash pad/play area will be open to everyone during the majority of operat ing hours.
Q: What will the pool temperatures be when both pools are open?
A: We will target the 6 lane pool to be kept between 81 – 82 degrees
A: We will target the Family Pool to be kept between 83 – 84 degrees
Q: What programs will be held in the 6-Lane pool?
A: All lap swimming, Masters, Personal Training, Deep Water Swim lessons, Cape Fear Aquatics Club Swim Team, Deep Water Aerobics, Community events and rentals that request this pool.
Q: Which locker rooms will be used when the Family pool is opened in May?
A: We will continue to use our temporary locker rooms until the Nir Family Y opens which is on schedule for a December 2018 opening.
Q: Are there plans to deepen the 6-Lane pool? 

A: There are no plans at this time to increase the 6 lane pool depth.

Q: Are there plans to improve the spa?
A: We are evaluating options to improve the circulation and function of the spa. Any work in this area will not begin until the Nir Family Y reopens
Q: Is there going to be a 3rd pool at the YMCA?
A: The Y is interested in addressing the shortage of pool space in our community. Once the Nir Family YMCA reopens the Y will be evaluating options to add additional aquatic space to this campus

Give us your feedback

With our new Family Pool, we will be getting feedback from our members on the new pool schedule. We will be reviewing your responses on a weekly basis to help us better meet the needs of our members. Please send any questions or concerns to:

Tom Addington, Aquatics Director
910-251-9622 ext.254