YMCA of Southeastern North Carolina

Employee Spotlight

Get to know us a little better!

Published 08.01.19
To help you get to know us a little better, we have decided to start an employee spotlight to highlight some of our team members: 

Leslie Douglas

What is your job at the Y? 
Nir Family YMCA Administrative Assistant and Building Manager
How long have you been with the Y?
I grew up going to my local Y in Raleigh as a young girl and recently became an employee here 6 months ago.
What's your favorite thing about coming to our Y?
The constant encouragement and kindness from staff, members, and volunteers who push you to take a class, join a running program, or attend one of the many seminars offered.
What's your Y story? What initially brought you to the Y?
While I came to the Y for a job, the Y has brought so much more into my life than just employment. It all started with a few employees encouraging me to take a Group Ex class with them and then it was the Lose It – Weight Loss Challenge. From there, my whole lifestyle has morphed into a healthier version of myself with regular exercise and more nutritious eating habits. I am even running! While the Y has provided me with an incredible place to work, it has created an even stronger version of myself though the staff and member’s motivations to help everyone here become their best selves!
What would you like Y members and staff to know about you?
I ran my first 5K last month and I am training to keep running more 5Ks this year so if you see me running on the treadmill or track outside, give me a word of encouragement because running is hard! 

Naydi Nazario

What is your job at the Y? 
Spin Cycle Instructor
How long have you worked at the Y?

9 months

What is your Y story?
Like many people, I came to the YMCA to learn Pickleball. There is a fun group of people who I enjoy playing pickleball with. I mentioned to Jane that I was a certified Spin Cycle instructor and the rest is history.
What do you like best about the Y?
The atmosphere at the YMCA is friendly and supportive. It feels like a big family. The pickleball games are always challenging and fun.
What do you like to do in your spare time?
I enjoy exercising and of course cycling and playing pickleball. I have 7 grandchildren and enjoy spending time with my family!
Here is a super fun fact about Naydi....
Naydi is an Olympic Athlete! She competed in the 1984 Women's Olympics Marathon. The Women's Marathon at the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, California (United States) was held on August 5, 1984. It was the first time a women's marathon had been held at the Olympic Games. The 50 competitors came from 28 countries. 44 finished the race. Naydi represented Puerto Rico and finished 33rd.