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Nir Family YMCA Facility Update Reminders

As part of the Nir YMCA family it is important for you to be aware of current and upcoming renovations!

Published 11.14.19


As part of the Nir YMCA family it is important for you to be aware of current and upcoming renovations scheduled for the Nir Family YMCA on Market Street. With all new construction, facility updates are to be expected as we continue to find ways to improve and update different areas throughout our building.

Areas schedule for updates: upgrades to the 6-Lane Pool and spa, installing new parking lot lights, replacing floor tiles for all locker rooms, upgrades to the Racquetball/Handball court walls and front glass structure, and adding permanent Basketball hoops in the gym. 

6-lane Pool and Spa- Project COMPLETE and OPEN! 
New parking lot lights!-Project COMPLETE!


Basketball Gym Goals-COMPLETE!
The gymnasium will be has re-opened as of November 13th, 2019! Please enjoy the 6 new ceiling mounted basketball goals! 

We have returned to our regularly scheduled gym times! Please click here for our Gymnasium schedule.

If you notice, all of our sponsor banners are proudly shared in our gymnasium! Interested in becoming a sponsor and promoting your business? Please contact Mary Heath at Mary.Heath@ymcasenc.org!


Back of Soccer field/Overflow parking lot Tree Removal Project-IN PROGRESS

Starting 10/7/19, we began the process of removing and clearing out damaged trees from Hurricane Florence. Our goal for this project is to open up more space for the soccer field and create a wider access for all programs. This clearing of the trees will be completed within two weeks. The next phase will include landscaping and fence repair/replacement. We appreciate your patience while we continue to grow!-COMPLETE!

The next phase of landscaping has begun! 

Racquetball/Handball Courts

Update as of 9/16/19

Court One is opening tomorrow, 9/17/19, with more improvements on the way. Our goal was to enhance play by replacing the glass panels and improving the walls and corners of the court.

Q: What was done?

A: The glass structure has been replaced with new hardware and we have squared the front cornered walls. In regards to the front wall, we have smoothed out the holes in the wall and are in discussion for the next steps in the repair process.

Q: Can we play on Court One?

A: Yes! The court is playable with the unpainted wall. At this time, we are asking all of our Racquetball/Handball court players to provide feedback on the court’s playability. Please be sure to fill out a comment card at the Welcome Desk to share your feedback!

Q: When will Court 2 improvements start?

A: We will close Court 2 on Thursday, September 19th, through Friday, September 27th, to install the glass walls and hardware. Court 2 will then re-open for use.

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Locker Rooms: Floor Tiles

Forecasted Project: Fall 2019

All five locker rooms will be receiving floor improvements. New tile and additional drains in specific areas to avoid the occurrence of standing water. The Men's steam room will also be re-tiled.

Members will be directed to different locker rooms when your primary locker room is under construction.

Phase 1: Boy's/Girls locker rooms will be closed. While these improvements are made, boys and girls will use the Family lock room during this phase.

Phase 2: Women's/Men's locker rooms will be closed in the shower areas only. Women and men will be directed to use the newly tiled Boy's/Girl's locker rooms while these improvements are made. Boys and girls will continue to use the Family locker room during this phase.

Phase 3: Family locker room will be closed while improvements are made. Families will be directed to use the Boy's/Girl's locker rooms during this phase.

There will be clear communication posted on which locker room to use.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: In the Men's/Women's locker rooms, can we get to the lockers during construction?

A: Yes you will. The construction area will be blocked off so you will have access to the lockers. There will be one day during the tile installation that access to the Men's lockers will be blocked off because of the tile that allows our members to reach the lockers will need a day to dry. We will post a notification in advance of this day.