YMCA of Southeastern North Carolina

Renovation Updates


Published 12/7/2018

Over the next few weeks we will begin moving out of the Express Y into the Nir Family YMCA!

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Gearing Up for the big move

Published 12/3/2018

Our grand opening is right around the corner! Take a sneak peek of the new Y!

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Published 11/14/2018

Construction continues on schedule at the Nir Family YMCA with an expected completion date in December of 2018.

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Renovation Update

Published 10/11/2018
After a slight interruption due to Hurricane Florence, we are happy to report that construction is back on track!
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Hurricane Florence

Published 9/19/2018
Now that Hurricane Florence has passed we wanted to share an update on the storm's impact to our YMCA.
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Renovation update

Published 8/06/2018
Construction continues at 2710 Market Street. Windows have been installed in the Jewel Box and 1st floor drywall has been completed.
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Family Pool is now open!!!

Published 7/26/2018
Our new Family Pool is officially open! The state-of-the-art pool features an aquatic play area, splash features, volleyball net, basketball hoop and more! 
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Community Vision Tour Photos

Published 7/02/2018
Get a member's perspective of the Y's Community Vision Tour.
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YMCA Hosts Community vision tour

Published 6/14/2018
We look forward to inviting Y members, donors, volunteers, staff and the community at large to come out and see our vision for the Nir Family YMCA
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Coming Soon- New Family Pool

Published 6/08/2018
We are getting closer to opening our new Family Pool!
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floors are being poured

Published 5/30/2018
Concrete floors are being poured on the second floor, progress being made on family pool.
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renovated ymca to offer more light, room

Published 5/9/18
Redesign to include family pool, more exercise space, separate entrances for kids and adults.
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steel is going up

Published 4/6/2018
Floors have been completed and interior walls are going up. 
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Check Out This Massive Crane on site

Published 2/23/2018
The demolition phase has been completed and we are beginning to see some major progress at the Nir Family YMCA!

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Information on our pool

Published 2/15/2018
You asked, we listened! Take a look at our FAQ on the future of our pool facilities 
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Renovation update

Published 1/31/2018
Progress is being made on the main entrance and gymnasium at 2710 Market St. 
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demolition continues

Published 1/15/2018
Our construction crew prepares to build the new main entrance and pool for the Nir Family YMCA. 
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Where in the Y? Can you recognize these areas?!

Published 12/5/2017
With demolition well underway, many areas in the Wilmington Family YMCA are hardly recognizable

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YMCA Shares plans for renovated pool

Published 11/24/2017
We are excited to share with members the official plans for our newly renovated pool.  

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demolition continues

Published 10/30/2017
Demolition is well underway at 2710 Market Street. 

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4-Lane Pool Closing Nov 4

Published 10/11/2017
The 4-Lane Pool will be undergoing renovations beginning Saturday, November 4th. The 6-Lane pool will remain open while the 4-Lane pool is undergoing renovations.

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Published 10/3/2017
While it may not look like much from the outside, we have got some major demolition taking place inside of the Y at 2710 Market St.

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Published 9/6/2017
Construction crews are knocking down walls and opening up the ceilings to give our new Y a spacious new look and feel! Some of the rooms are already unrecognizable!

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Demolition Update

Published 8/8/2017
Check out these photos of our demolition progress.

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Closure of 4-lane pool

Published 8/3/2017
At some point this fall, we will be temporarily closing the 4-Lane Pool for renovations. During this time we will continue to use the 6-Lane Pool to accommodate all of our aquatic programming. 
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Construction is underway!

Published 7/5/2017

Please make note of our new traffic pattern and parking availability.

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Check out our Groundbreaking photos

Published 6/9/2017

Just in case you missed it, we've uploaded some of our favorite photos from our Groundbreaking Event! 

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We're breaking ground!!

Published 5/31/2017

The YMCA of Southeastern North Carolina is breaking ground on what will be the Nir Family YMCA.

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construction site plans

Published 4/21/2017

Take a look at what our Y will look like during construction.

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Sneak peek at 2710 Market Street

Published 3/22/2017

Our architects, Bowman Murray Hemingway, created a video to give us an idea of what our newly renovated facility will look like.

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Design documents for 2710 are underway

Published 10/3/2016

Based on recent schematic designs, the Y has authorized Bowman Murray Hemmingway Architects to proceed with design documents for the 2710 Market St. renovation project.

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New renovation design

Published 8/31/2016

While the completed renovation may not end up exactly like this, click below for the new schematic designs for 2710 Market St.

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Installation of HVAC Units

Published 8/1/2016

On Monday, August 1, 2016, the Y installed two new heating & air conditioning units in the gymnasium.

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YMCA Purchases Land on Market st.

Published 7/28/2016

The Wilmington Family YMCA has purchased land on Market Street as part of its expansion plans.

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Architectural & construction management approved

Published 4/20/2016

The Wilmington Family YMCA Board of Directors recently selected two local firms to assist with the renovation and expansion of the YMCA at 2710 Market Street.

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